Rustic Wood Slice Ornament All Is Calm All Is Bright Christmas Tree Ornament

New for 2021 - a beautiful wood slice design with our "all is calm all is bright" holiday ornament with a simple christmas tree and subltle wording. perfect rustic christmas tree ornament.  We locally source the wood ourselves in Missouri to ensure high quality wood that will hold up year after year.  The slices are gently sanded and then drilled with eye hooks and finished with twine or beaded twine.  The finished look is gorgeous and completely unique! Your customers will love these pieces!   The typical size is around 3"-4", some may be a tiny bit smaller or larger. ***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to the literal "nature" of these wood slices, there will be some imperfections on the surface of the slice as well as some pieces of bark will fall off in shipping and over time.

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Type: Holiday